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One of the first ARTHELPS projects was all about the sad everydaylife in the favelas of Brazil where drugs, voilence, poverty and unemployment dictate the far from childfriendly, hostile rhythm of life.
Thomas Lupo, founder and member of the board at ARTHELPS spent five months engrossed in exactly that rhythm. His goal: an creative portrayal of the favela-life from the viewpoint of the children living there. All of a sudden they were the centre of attention, their wishes, fears, dreams and talents. Their whole life.
To begin with, the 8 to 15 year olds were shy and uncertain, they didn’t know what to showcase or create. But with every day that Thomas Lupo spent crafting, drawing and laughing with the children their self-esteem grew and they came out of their shell. And in the end they created deeply moving and brutally honest illustrations and photographs.
The book AUSBRECHEN documents the journey and their creations. The insightful and powerful pieces of art let us be part of their lives for a short while and let us feel how and what they feel. The book has won several design awards and was published by the prestigious design publisher HERMANN SCHMIDT MAINZ. The money raised supports the children and young adults in the favela Morro do Pagaio in Brazil.
Favela Morro do Papagaio
Belo Horizonte / Brazil
Deutscher Fotobuchpreis (Gold)
Red Dot Design Award
DDC Design Award (Gold)
ADC Design Award
Thomas Lupo
The proceeds of the book go to the children and young people in the favela “Morro do Papagaio” in Brazil. The money goes to the state education project Fica Vivo (Portuguese for “stay alive”), whose goal is to enable 12-24 year olds to live without crime and drug trafficking.