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Not only the traumatic experiences that many children had to go through but also the current circumstances are troubling them. There have been almost no points of contact with the outside world lately.
In addition the children often have to grow up quickly, taking responsibilities that do not allow them to simply be kids. It was all the more important to us to create a space in cooperation with SCHATZTRUHE FILDERN that enables them to do just that.
In two separate cells sit two artists from different disciplines for one#JailSession. The visual artist creates an artwork visible to the camera while the musician simultaneously plays music in another cell.
A cellist plays Bach, electronic beats penetrate the walls, painters redesign the space or even children paint the cell floors with chalk. Known and unknown artists are searching for an escape route out of captivity. They reimagine and change the space, transforming the prison into a place of freedom.
Two different artists come between 17:00 and 19:00 and can be observed in their creative process through a Live-Stream. The live sessions are filmed with multiple cameras, but only ever broadcast live from one perspective. Short portraits and highlights of the sessions will later be cut and published from additional material and short interviews with the individual artists.
The prison is situated in East Berlin. Built during the Imperial Era, the Nazis tortured dissenters here and during the GDR period, refugees from the Republic were kept here. Since the mid-1960s, the prison has stayed empty. Today the paint is peeling off the walls; otherwise all is the same as it was before. The bars, the brick facade, the peepholes in the cells and even the wooden beds still remain.
We want to start looking for freedom. We are looking for a different view of this world, with artists – the dreamers of our time. What they want to tell us overcomes walls and steel. Especially in uncertain times like these, it is important for us to overcome boundaries and to pay attention to others.
Our goal is to collect donations for a workshop in a refugee camp. The idea behind it: We combine the ongoing project in Berlin with a charity campaign. Each individual is just coming to understand what it means not to be free. This feeling is visually reflected in the #JailSessions – with the best means in difficult times: art. Music and visual messages overcome the walls of the prison – and so we also want to convey the idea of the common good to the outside world. Because not far from us, people have been trapped in refugee camps for a long time and are waiting for a spark of hope. Would you like to support us in the implementation of the aid project? Then transfer your donation to the ARTHELPS donation account with the purpose “JAILSESSIONS”.
Berlin / Germany

Lukas Augustin
Stefanie Vayhinger

Simon Wörpel
Fabian Koppri
Thomas Lupo
Yasemin Lupo
Lukas Bärnreuther
Felix Eichhorn
Josua Graf
Franzi Dittman
Tabea Zorn
Martin Steiner
Juan Rojas
Matthias Schlesinger
Till Farken
Meike Schmid
Veronika Hertelein
Marie Louise Hein
Alessandra Galati

Talitha Brauer
Marie Louise Hein
Vineyard Berlin

With support from Matthias Schlesinger, Chairman of the Board of Kukuk e.V.