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UNHIDE UKRAINE is a cooperation project between the Saving an Angel Foundation and ARTHELPS.

Thanks to your help, we have already been able to evacuate some people from the war zones. Equally important are the deliveries of food, hygiene items and medicines to the badly damaged cities. Your incredible donations have made it possible that we could already deliver 320 tons of necessities by trucks to the suffering people in Ukraine.

For the people on site, the situation is becoming increasingly dramatic. They are holding out in their apartments, basements or subway stations while the infrastructure of their cities is gradually being destroyed. We will continue to support them and bring essential supplies to Ukraine. To ensure that exactly what is needed arrives, we are working together with various supermarkets. There, the needed goods are specifically packed and transported to the people.

Currently, we are also organizing generators, gasoline, powerbanks and camp beds for the Ukrainians. Our aid transports travel all the way to the Ukrainian border. From there, evacuation vehicles deliver the supplies directly to the dangerous regions and bring people fleeing the destroyed areas to safety. Since these vehicles are sometimes shot at and the roads are destroyed, the wear and tear is very high. Therefore, we are permanently looking for new vans.


After we have brought all your urgently needed donations to Ukraine in the first transports, we now want to make targeted purchases. Our local staff will inform us about the most important supplies, which we will then procure here in Germany and make ready for transport. Therefore, we are currently dependent on your donations, which make these transports possible. With every Euro you support the Ukrainians directly!

BANK: BW | Bank
ACCOUNT: 2822365
BLZ: 60050101
IBAN: DE81600501010002822365

You can find more information on residence law issues as well as a hotline for help offers and people who need support here.