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Creative hubs

Creativity needs space.

With our project UN/HIDE, we stand up for precisely these people. For children and young people who are unseen and unnoticed in our society. For all those who have no opportunity to discover their full potential. Often these are young people and children from socially disadvantaged families. UN/HIDE gives them a voice and a platform to express themselves creatively. In workshops with artists and creative people, we support them in discovering their own strengths. And to make their dreams, hopes, and needs visible. UN/HIDE is the pen, the brush, the paint, the spray can. The needle, the thread, the collage or the camera. UN/HIDE is everything that serves to make public through art what otherwise would get no publicity.

The long-term goal is to build CREATIVE HUBS worldwide.

Centrally located places as meeting places, where local artists and creative people act as responsible for the implementation of regular creative projects. The participants of these creative projects should be a majority of children and young people in the area, in order to promote creative education locally.

The creative projects carried out are intended to support in two ways: They promote the personality - because here is worked with thought power, expression, will, initiative. And togetherness is also strengthened: by working in teams, social skills such as tolerance, consideration, listening are required.

The result: new self-confidence and self-assurance. The work creates a sense of achievement, unknown perspectives, shows ways and gives lasting strength. Some discover unknown sides of themselves in the process, others enjoy the sense of community, and some experience real recognition for the first time. Thus, not only the individual people themselves are reached, but also bridges between different walks of life are built and a "WE-feeling" is developed, which has a positive impact on the population.

Creativity needs space.

We are creating it. The first CREATIVE HUB is to be built in Avdiivka (Ukraine).

Be 1 of 16

The first CREATIVE HUB in eastern Ukraine will consist of a total of 16 containers. And exactly for this CREATIVE HUB we are looking for 16 sponsors. Companies or even private individuals who will bring this project to life with us.

BE 1 OUT OF 16

And this is how it works: With a donation of 15.000€ you help us to make the realization of a container on site possible, to realize ideas and to help others. With your donation you become part of the project. You will receive an official donation receipt so that you can deduct your donation from taxes. In addition, we can immortalize you with your name or an individual message on your container.

The procedure is very simple: transfer your donation to the ARTHELPS donation account with the reference “CREATIVE HUB Ukraine” and if you wish contact us personally so that we can implement your individual message on your container. Of course, you can also donate a smaller amount to support the project or make a monthly donation to support the implementation of local creative trainings.


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Thank you very much for your support.